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Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning and Estate Planning.

Minimising your tax liability and maximising what you are able to pass on to your loved ones calls for considerable skill, including a detailed knowledge of the Inheritance Tax (IHT) rules and regulations.
Individuals often dismiss inheritance tax as a tax that someone else will pay after their death or hope for a change in government policy for the better. However, the reality is that IHT is a major concern for many of our clients; especially as UK property prices continue to rise and more and more estates fall within the IHT threshold. When you have worked hard for your money, you want to be sure you can pass your assets on to your loved ones, and not to the tax man!
There are a number of ways of managing your inheritance tax liabilities, from including the use of life assurance and trusts to financial gifting and wills.
At Right Financial Planning, our aim is to help individuals and families develop a clear financial plan for their future. We can help by providing specialist financial planning advice to look at ways of reducing your IHT liability and planning your wealth. So whatever happens in life, we can work with you to protect your family’s future and also maintain the quality of lifestyle you choose. The FCA do not regulate Inheritance Tax Planning, Tax and Trusts

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